Dedicated to Maya M.


Moša Pijade, one of Tito’s closest associates died in 1957. I remember this name from my childhood, my father’ s school book and my primary school’s seal ( the school was called after  the president of the Federal assembly of Serbia).

The same year when Mao Tse Tung was writing about the right way of resolving concerns among people, a plastic bag was born in Germany. The world is a stage.

Almost a hundred years ago, American botanist Francis Wolle invented  paper bags. So, what’s the future of man and his environment? Life is water. Life is a tree. Life is a polar bear. Did the development of technologies degrade a man in some of his segments? It seems that Jorge Luis Borges was right when he wrote that man „will be dreaming more beautuful dreams than today’s reality“. However, this is not the end. Some plastic bags became extravagant because they are the integral part of some brands. Eco teams claimed that plastic bags contain  polyethylene that decomposes them under the influence of the UV radiation.  It is clear that this claim is true when it relates to one bag but not to the thousands buried in landfills. Whether they are swimming on the surface of the Danube or playing with the wind in the city streets or decorating the trees- this bags have a sad life. They’re almost never alone, usually they are in a multitude of different,  more uglier ones. A plastic bag lives longer than a men, in mud and  stench. But this bag is not as simple as it seems. It is the boomerang of today’s society. You can not get rid of it because it is omnipresent. In the conformist society and technological progress this bag became synonymous with everything that modern man is and also with his attitude towards life. The life of today’s plastic bag is worth the thing you put into it. Things. Things. Things. Will poverty prevent a man from choosing an alternative or to create it, if it doesn’t exist at the moment?

In the film „American Beauty“ by Sam Mendes , which won five Oscars in 2000, Ricky Fitts made a movie about a plastic bag and showed it to his girlfriend Jane. Inspiring scene of the plastic bag was about a man who was buying things his entire life. The plastic bag followed  him and he entered  the game but got out of it miserable, unwilling to live, knowledgeless. In conclusion Ricky talked about all the beauty in the world defining  his life through the life of a plastic bag.

Ramin Bahrani made a poetic film „Plastic Bag“ in 2009. about a lost plastic bag seeking its Maker. The story follows the path of a plastic bag from its birth ( the day the Maker took it to put his food in it) , through the day he threw it out after which  it finished at a landfill and all the way to the Pacific Ocean  where it made a continent out of  itself.  The film lasts just a bit under nineteen minutes and during  the last shots bag delivered its wish: it  wanted to tell its Maker to destroy it so  it could finally die. Werner Herzog  (in the role of the plastic bag)  asked  the question at the beginning of the film : „Do you know it? Have you seen it?’’ Personalized plastic bag  was asking  itself all the time who it was and where it  was going. Even the plastic bag was looking for love and it didn’t  want to live without it.  But no matter how sad we were because of everything that happened  to this miserable bag, a terrible sight ’’the plastic continent’’ in the Pacific Ocean had to awake and compel us to ask ourselves the question: ’’Who is the monster here?’’. To the bag , the monsters were horses, jellyfishes, fish, seagulls…all those who showed it how  lifeless it was. And what about The Man?

Thanks to Albert Camus my conclusion is that “ A man should not be so easily left to the events.“